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Children’s Down Jackets Keep Kids Warm and Active in Canadian Winter

Life in Canada has its ups and downs. With notorious winters, it is necessary to invest in warm winter garments to protect us from the biting cold and blowing snow. As adults, we shop for ourselves and are willing to pay top dollar for outerwear we plan on using season after season. As parents while we want the best for our children, we have a hard time paying for winter clothing they likely will grow out of. Children’s down jackets made in Canada not only keep our kids warm, they empower them to get outside and enjoy the winter activities that define their childhood.

Skating on ponds, playing ice hockey, building snowmen and snow forts are all winter activities every child should enjoy. With a Canadian-made children’s down jacket, exuberant youngsters are protected outside in temperatures as low as -45 degrees! Canadian outfitters use premium duck down to insulate children’s jackets – which are more affordable and offer substantially more protection than any synthetic poly-fill fibres can. Non-removable hoods with real coyote fur offers protection from biting wind chills. Let it snow, and let your kids enjoy all that our winter has to offer with children’s down jackets made for Canadians, by Canadians.
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Building snowmen, playing pond hockey, ice skating and sledding are all fun activities every kid loves to take part in. With long Canadian winters, it can be hard on children to stay stuck indoors – and why should they be! The cold weather shouldn’t impair a child’s ability to play outside. Having the right gear is important to protect kids against inclement weather like wind, snow and cold temperatures for both at home and at school. Kids should be able to enjoy playing outside during recess breaks and after school just as much as they do during the summer months.

Parents shouldn’t compromise on their child’s comfort just because "they grow fast.” Canadian down jackets are an investment in comfort and well-being! High quality outerwear, made right here in Canada, gets children excited about the snowy months! Active children want to take part in winter activities but will choose a sedentary lifestyle if it means staying cozy by the fireplace. With a temperature rating of up to -45 degrees Celsius, these Canadian-made jackets use premium duck down and have original coyote fur trim around a non-removable hood. With these features, you’ll have to tempt the kids back inside with hot chocolate and cookies!

High quality jackets and snow suits are available to all Canadians through on-line retailers. Free shipping from coast to coast gives parents in remote areas access to down jackets for children at affordable prices. Outfitters like Arctic Bay use down material sourced from duck feathers to give wearers the warmest experience at the best price for real down jackets. Collections for children, men and women are available and ready to ship to you today!

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